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Moving can be a harrowing experience. It is not only that logistics that would challenge an Olympic planner are involved, with way too many details to keep track of, but also all this has to happen while you are dealing with the emotions of leaving a place behind that will generally have a lot of fond memories.


When you couple these factors with a move that is over a considerable distance there are some additional things that you may want to consider. One of them is how you are going to make sure that that your old and well-loved furniture arrives in the same condition at your new abode as when it left the old.

Lets look at some tips that will help you prepare for the move before the removalist arrives:

Extra linen and extra soft goods: Pack these into garbage bags (strong ones) and tie them securely. These can be added into spaces in the back of the removalist truck to either stop items of furniture rubbing together or just to act as padding between fragile items.

Bubble wrap can be your best friend: Bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping furniture when you are getting it ready for that long distance move. Be careful how you attach it to the surface of your furniture tape can leave marks or damage surfaces, try using string or rope wrapped around the outside to secure the padding.

Remove or tape moving parts: Moving parts will often get damaged during a move so it is always advisable to remove or secure them before the move. Remember if there are a number of parts that may be confusing to reassemble at your new home try labeling them to make your life that little bit easier.

Add wax to wooden items: Try waxing your wooden furniture before you move, the wax will help to protect it from scratches when it is in transit.

Mirrors and glass: To protect glass or mirrors that are a part of your furniture use masking tape to create a starburst shape on the surface that will prevent it from shattering if there is a problem.

Empty furniture: Before getting your old furniture ready for your move make sure it is empty. It may seem silly to empty a piece of furniture prior to moving but if you do it makes it easier to move and to secure and things will not shift when it is carried and secured.

Soft covered furniture: Any soft covered furniture such as mattresses, chairs and couches need to be covered as well. You can either use blankets and secure them with tape or thick sheets of plastic to stop your furniture being ripped if it comes into contact with anything that is sharp.

These tips will help you to protect your precious belongings when you are making for that all important long distance move so don’t forget to use them to give you some peace of mind.