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The one thing that worries most of us is that items that we value will get damaged when we move, especially if they are new and without a scratch what will they look like when they reach the new house or apartment.

There are a number of things that you can do to minimise the possibility of damage and to give yourself peace of mind when packing your things ready for moving.


Here are some quick tips to help pack up your new furniture safely:

Wrap things up: One of the best ways to protect furniture and other goods is to securely wrap them. You can use blankets (many removalists supply these), bubble wrap, heavy paper or plastic.

Just make sure that if you are using tape not to place it directly on the surface of the furniture as it may leave a mark.

Tape doors and drawers: Tape up moving parts like drawers or doors to make sure that they do not open or fall out during transit. This is the most likely time for them to be damaged.

Empty drawers and cupboards: Take everything out of drawers and cupboards before they are moved. This makes them lighter and easier to lift or carry.

Check space before you move: One thing that many of us forget to do before packing everything up to move it is check that it will fit through the gates and doorways, up stairwells and other tight spots.

Most of us at some stage been stuck in a stairwell or awkward position trying to work out how to get our favourite oversize couch into our new lounge room when the door is not wide enough.

Disassemble where possible: If you can take legs or other parts off furniture while you move do so because it makes moving, especially larger items, easier.

Fabric belongings: It is easy for items like mattresses to become soiled or to be ripped if they are brushed across something that is sharp. To avoid either of these eventualities cover all fabric items with thick plastic or paper when moving with furniture.